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Meg Thacher, The Night Sky
Thursday, June 30, 2022
11:00am - 11:30am
Description: Join us in the Community Room as we talk about constellations and the night sky. For ages 5 and up and families. 

Meg Lysaght Thacheris an astrophysicist and laboratory instructor at Smith College as well as achildren's author. Her amazing first nonfiction book, SKY GAZING (Storey Publishing), cameout on October 13, 2020. She's been atSmith for 24 years and has 34 years experience doing astronomy outreach withall ages, most of it with elementary schools. She is also the Academic Directorfor the Smith College Summer Science & Engineering Program, an academicscience enrichment program for high school girls. She just completed her tenthyear in this position, having taught an astronomy class for the program forfive years prior to that. Meg has published 30 articles in children's sciencemagazines such as MUSE, ASK, and HIGHLIGHTS. She has a bachelor's degree inphysics from Carleton College and a master's degree in astrophysics from IowaState University.

Meg will talk to our audience aboutastronomical sightings we can see in June and July night sky like the Moon,stars and planets. She will talk about what constellations are visible in thenight sky in our hemisphere, what constellations are and tell stories about theconstellations. Meg will also incorporate a project into her program where kidscan make up their own constellations and a story about them.