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Meeting Agenda - May 31, 2022

Meeting Agenda - January 25, 2022

Meeting Agenda - December 14, 2021

Meeting Minutes - October 26, 2021

Meeting Minutes - September 21, 2021

Meeting Minutes - August 24, 2021

Meeting Minutes - June 29, 2021

Meeting Minutes - May 25, 2021

Meeting Minutes - April 27, 2021

Meeting Minutes - March 23, 2021

Meeting Minutes - February 23, 2021

Meeting Minutes - January 26, 2021


Meeting Agenda - May 31, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Conference Room 2nd Floor

Meeting call to order /Roll-call: Elizabeth Toms Matthews (Trustee Chair)
Old Business
Minutes-Review & Approve
Annual Giving
Annual Action Plan
ARIS Report
Art Wall
B & G Club Holiday Tour of Homes KA
Red Thread Art Network
Budget FY2023
Digitization AGF
ESOL Classes
Fines/Fees EC
Library Service Updates EC/CH
Local History materials
Logo Marketing
MOB updates
Signage/Young Adult Department
Summer Reading Programs

Thank you note AGF
Union AGF
Friends of the Library- KS
New business
COA Homebound delivery
Memory cafe
Memory kits
Staff Training
Town Mental Health Counselor
Next Meeting-June 27, 2022

Meeting Agenda - January 25, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Conference Room 2nd Floor

Meeting call to order /Roll-call: Elizabeth Toms Matthews (Trustee Chair)
Old Business
Minutes-Review & Approve-ETM
Annual Giving 
ARIS Report
Art Wall
Author Talk AML/AGF
B & G Club Holiday Tour of Homes KA
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement
Digitize-Local History materials CH
Donor Thank You Note
ESOL Classes
Fines EC
Library Service Updates EC
Summer Reading Programs
Strategic Planning
Town Department Update
Western Massachusetts Library Advocates/Legislative Breakfast
Friends of the Library-Karen Simpson (KAS)
New business
Interns Westfield State University
Next Meeting: February 22, 2022    


Meeting Agenda: December 14, 2021  

Conference Room 2nd Floor

Meeting call to order /Roll-call: Elizabeth Toms Matthews (Trustee Chair)
Old Business
Minutes-Review & Approve-ETM
Annual Giving
ARIS Report
Art Wall
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement
Digitize-Local History materials
ESOL Classes
Fines EC
Library Service Updates EC
Summer Reading Programs
Strategic Planning
Town Department Update
Western Massachusetts Library Advocates
Friends of the Library-Karen Simpson (KAS)
New business
Majestic playbill (KA)
Next Meeting: January 25, 2022


Meeting Date: October 26, 2021

Called to Order: E. Toms Matthews called meeting to order at 3:03pm.

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathleen Andrew, Karen Simpson, Carol Hegeman, Justin Latham, Ann Marie Laduzenski


Old Business:

Updates to September 2021 minutes: Justin Latham made a motion, seconded by Carol Hegeman, to approve the Strategic Plan with the following changes. On page 20, increase the size of the graphs, and
update the number of languages spoken in West Springfield. On page 14, add staff to meet programming needs. The motion unanimously passed. Under Friends of the Library, amend to say, Mystery Bag of Books Sale.

Minutes: Motion to accept minutes from September meeting made by Carol Hegeman, seconded by Kathleen Andrew. Unanimously approved.

Annual Giving: Nothing to report

Appropriation: A motion to apply $100 from MEG/LIG funds to renew MLTA group membership was made by Carol Hegeman and seconded by Justin Latham. Unanimously approved.

ARIS Report: A letter will be sent by the first week in November by S. Wilcox to MBLC describing economic environment of West Springfield and that the WSPL did not receive disproportionate cuts to our budget as
compared to other departments.

New Business:

Art Wall: Positive comments to Art display of Ms. Lastoff and Ms. Corriveau. November and December
have scheduled art. January, February, and March are available. Six openings left of 2022.

Budget: West Springfield begins budget process in early January, and it is usually due by February 14. First quarter budget has been spent. We are on target even though unsure what “on call” costs would be.
Increase in programming and personnel expenditures for next budget cycle.

Copiers/Fax: No update

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: Coordinator, Tracye Whitfield, wanted to know where our statement would be published and what we intend to do with it. It will be written into our Strategic Plan
and on our website.

Digitization: Carol Hegeman is working with Advantage to digitize our local newspaper, The Record. The cost, and which years of The Record and its predecessor will be preserved first, is being determined. The
company hosts the website for both microfilm and digitization. Will this meet our needs? We will apply for Community Preservation funding.

Donations: $200 in memory of Mary Fern Knodler, given by her family.

DVD Dispenser: Nothing to report

ESOL Classes: Tracye Whitfield has invited 6 representatives to meet on November 8 or 13, to discuss different ways each of the groups address ESOL programs. This is WSPL’s 30th year giving lessons.

Facilities: Strange noises with HVAC. Wait and see if weather temperature changes will alleviate the problem. Elevator had issues and was out of order while being repaired.

Fines: Continue with no fines.

Marketing: Canva software is being introduced to staff. Costs $119.99 per year. Purchased by E. Chapman. Possibility of it being purchased by Friends next fiscal year. Hoopla can be used by patrons for videos,
audio, ebooks, magazines, graphic novels, music. Paid by WSPL. Goal is to improve what we have and limit overlapping. Staff made aware of deadlines and given time to learn Joomla.

Personnel: Article about WSPL staff member, Vickie White, was in The Record. YA program, Murder Mystery, cancelled and replaced with Take and Make costume making. Treat bags without candy will be

Strategic Planning: It has been accepted and will be used as a model for the state. Action Plan is due December 1.

Technology: IT is backlogged. Evergreen ecard is coming and will be administered by CWMARS. Physical cards still available at WSPL.

Town Department Update: Masks have been discontinued. Up to individual if they want to continue use.

Board of Trustees: Nothing to report.

Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: Student from Master’s Class at Mt. Holyoke College will have a voting seat. One year appointment.

Friends of the Library: Mystery Bag of Books Sale is being held this month with possibility of moving indoors. Received $200 in sales. No space for shelving as previously maintained. Maybe a cart in the

Miscellaneous: Majestic Playbill ad is to entice people to join the Friends of the Library. Need to encourage more people to join Friends. Will keep the ad the same for next play.

Council on Aging: Possible collaboration with WSPL. Help with preparing their Strategic Plan. Ask how COA driver is covered for insurance, and could they deliver library media? Or, is there an extra van and
driver available for library deliveries?

Next Meeting: December 14, 2021, 3:00pm

Adjourned: 5:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by Ann Marie Laduzenski


Meeting Date: September 28, 2021

Called to Order: 3:05 pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Kathleen Andrew, Karen Simpson, Carol Hegeman, Justin Latham, Ann Marie Laduzenski

Absent: Elizabeth Toms Matthews

Introduction of new Trustee, Justin Latham

Old Business:

Minutes: Motion to accept minutes from September meeting made by Carol Hegeman, seconded by Kathleen Andrew. Unanimously approved.

Annual Giving: Nothing to report

Appropriation: Nothing to report

ARIS Report: New ARIS report for state aid is due October 1, 2021. Last year received $40,272.67.

New Business:

Art Wall: Art classes will be offered by Sue Newman. October wall set up by two Wilbraham residents. November wall photography by The Witching Hour, December WSHS students’ art will be displayed.

Budget: Nothing to report

Copiers/Fax: No update

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: Coordinator, Tracy Whitfield has been hired by the mayor. She will review our statement.

Digitalization: Carol Hegeman has organized and counted all pages of WS Record to be digitalized. Cost estimate is being determined. Will apply for Community Preservation Grant. Contact Historical
Commission to see if they have additional newspapers.

Donations: Memorial Fund $20, recognition of staff, $50 for Mr. Aubrey, Trustee Kathleen Andrew gave books in memory of friends, $34.98. Total donated $104.98

DVD Dispenser: Nothing to report

ESOL Classes: New zoom classes began September 21, 2021, for 6 weeks with new teacher Priya. Michelle plans to present in-person Serve Safe class for ESOL students. Basic Spanish for Families classes being
offered in Youth Room.

Facilities: Roof resealed, repaired HVAC, men’s toilets, leaking windows. To be repaired paint peeling in Carnegie Room and stained rug.

Fines: continue with no fines

Marketing: trustees will receive a copy of document of completed marketing strategies to be covered in new strategic plan. September: new library cards raffle, National Hispanic Month, Banned Books Week, Cover to Cover newsletter, Climate Preparedness Week

Personnel: New on call hire is Sue Kashmanian-Smith

Strategic Planning: Michelle Eberle sent a letter of praise and wants to use it as a model. Will make these changes: size of graphs, update number of languages on pg 20. On pg 14, add staff to meet programming
needs. A motion was made by Justin Latham, seconded by Carol Hegeman and unanimously passed that stated subject to incorporations previously voted on, I move that we approve the revised final draft.

Town Department Update: Masks are required. Flu vaccines available for town employees. Awaiting news on need for boosters for Covid.

Board of Trustees: Policy, job description is moved to October
Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: On October 28, 2021, Antonia Golinski-Foisy is at the end of her year long term as WMLA president.

Friends of the Library: Mystery Bag of Books is being held this month.

Miscellaneous: Majestic Playbill ad is to entice people to join the Friends of the Library. Having a known author has been a big draw. Need to encourage more people to join Friends.

Next Meeting: October 26, 2021, 3:00pm

Adjourned: 5:15pm

Respectfully submitted by Ann Marie Laduzenski


Meeting Minutes: August 24, 2021

Called to Order: 2:59 pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathy Andrews, Karen Simpson
  Carol Hegeman, Anne Dempsey.

Ann Marie Laduzenski

Old Business:

Minutes: Minutes from July 27, 2021 reviewed

Corrections - Page one under Appropriations: first line, add “is” after requests. fifth line, totals to to be reviewed by Library Director. Page two under Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: first line change
“individual” to “Town employee”. Page three under Board of Trustees, change “June” to “July”, under Friends of the Library, line three, capitalize “Playbill”. Motion made by Anne Dempsey, seconded by Karen Simpson
to approve minutes with above corrections. Approved unanimously.

Annual Giving: Funding from this secondary funding source provided $100.00 for promotion of the September Library Card Sign-up Month. Patrons who sign up for a new card will receive a WSPL book bag,
and will be entered into a raffle for two sets of ear buds.

Appropriation: No new requests.

ARIS Report: ARIS report due 8/27/21; report was signed and sent to MBLC on 8/24/2021. Financial Report and State Aid form are due on October 1, 2021.

Art Wall: Red Thread will not have a display in September. No replacement at this time. A “Fantasy Photos” display is scheduled for October. The West Springfield High School students will have a display in December.

Budget: No updates.

Copiers/Fax: No updates at this time.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: No updates at this time.

Digitalization: An inventory of materials is in the Local History Room. Copies of WS Record are in different formats (PDF, microfilm, physical newspapers). Library Administration will establish a timeline for the grant
and begin the process after the Strategic Plan is completed.

Donations: $150.00 received in memory of Robert Aubrey and Brenda Bernard.

DVD Dispenser/IT/Signs: No date has been established for the technician to work remotely on the DVD dispenser issue. IT: antiviral software is being installed throughout the town, the library is included in this work. We are waiting for installation the RFID antennas. The electronic sign is now working and hours of operations have been updated for marketing of library.

ESOL Classes: The instructor will contact the Library director this week regarding her schedule. All classes will remain virtual as requested by the instructor. Those who signed up have access to necessary on-line

Facilities/Maintenance: HVAC is under repair, necessary parts have arrived. Multiple leaks - roof, windows, basement, ceilings - have occurred and will be addressed. New sprinkler system has been installed. Front
door lock box and panel box have been repaired.

Fines: No updates

Marketing: Future events planned are “Climate Change Preparedness” in September. Both the children’s and adult services departments have prepared a program or a take and make kit.

Newsletter: Next issue to be released at the end of this week.

Personnel: One on-call employee has resigned. Another on-call employee resigned to take a full time job at East Longmeadow Library, and a third on-call employee took a half time job at Williamsburg Library. Library
Director is working with Human resources to have a part time employee also do on-call. A new library Trustee, Justin Latham, has been appointed by the mayor. His letter of approval will be submitted to the
Town Council at their next meeting in September.

Plaque: Suitable stand has been delivered. Town Maintenance to install stand and plaque at foot of flagpole.

Policy: Circulation policies under revision, also room use policy. Policy Committee to re-start regular meetings; date to be determined.

Re-opening plan: Summer hours will end September 7, 2021, when normal hours resume (Mon. - Wed. 9-9. Th.- Fri. Sat 9-5). September 11, 2021 will be the first open Saturday.

Strategic Planning: Survey form concerning what the public wants the library to look like in the future has been made available via paper, (at circulation desk, COA, MOB, etc.) multiple media outlets, and digitally. A
total of 200 responses would be an adequate sample. Survey runs from August 16-August 31.

Summer Reading Programs: Over 500 adults and children participated. Outreach programs successful.

Town Department Update: Community Room will be utilized for five days early voting for fall elections. Health Department will be offering Flu and COVID immunizations.

Trustees: No answer received from Town attorney regarding new Trustee recruitments. Library Director will ask Human Resource Director if there is a town wide procedure in use.Anne Dempsey did not request to be reappointed as a trustee. This is her last meeting. Anne has provided many years of service, guidance and friendship. She will be missed; we wish her well.

Board of Trustees: The sub-committee for Trustee recruitment will not update their current draft policy pending a response from Human Resource Director.

Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: no updates at this time. Yule tree Festival: Has been canceled.

Friends of the Library: Mini library book sales are scheduled for September 15, 22, 29 from 12 to 2 pm. More will be scheduled pending on patron responses. The Friends ad for the Majestic Theater Playbills has
been finalized.

New Business:

Miscellaneous: The Community Room will be an early voting site for 5 days in October. Patron attendance in the library has increased. The mayor has re-instated the wearing of masks in all public buildings, starting September 1, 2021. Librarystaff who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a mask, but must send proof of vaccination to Human Resources. Discussion was held concerning public reaction to the re-instatement of wearing masks, potential issues with the public seeing staff not wearing masks, and having to remove patrons who refuse towear a mask.

Adjourned: 4:54 pm

Next Meeting: September 28, 2021

Respectfully submitted, Karen Simpson, substitute Secretary


Meeting Date: June 29, 2021

Called to Order: 3:07 pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathy Andrew, Karen Simpson

Absent: Anne Dempsey, Carol Hegeman, Ann Marie Laduzenski (arrived at 3:50 pm)

Old Business:

Minutes: Minutes from May 23, 2021 reviewed.
Motion to accept minutes made by Karen Simpson and seconded by Kathy Andrew. Approved unanimously.

Annual Giving: No update.

Appropriation: For next meeting: requests for appropriations for programming, Library of Things, and increasing the collection will be discussed.

ARIS Report: Library Director and Assistant Director attended an ARIS meeting June 22, 2021. All libraries must be open 38 weeks per year: Labor Day - Memorial Day. Libraries must resume pre-COVID hours by September 7, 2021.

Art Wall: Library Director is contacting groups, individuals who have previously had displays to sign up for future displays.

Budget: Library budget for FY2022 passed by Town Council on June 21, 2021. Due to COVID-19 restrictions (personnel), monies were returned from the library to the General Fund.

Copiers/Fax: IT upgrades in progress. CWMARS Internet & WiFi is no longer in use, replaced by Town's fiber network/Comcast. Most CWMARS email functions will now be through the domain. Change made for increased speed, less money and legally required digital archiving. Change-over still in progress.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: On hold.

Digitalization: No report.

Donations: No donations received this month.

DVD Dispenser: No progress, continue with one dispenser working.

ESOL Classes: Two viable candidates: one could work from home, doing evening virtual classes. The other to contact the Director in August with availability.

Fines: No fines being collected. Continuing to contact local libraries for updates on their plans.

IT: See above (Copiers/Fax, DVD)

Marketing: Library director gives weekly updates to the Mayor. The Student Intern Program has started with three participants meeting each Friday for 6 weeks. Students will meet with different department heads, with the goal of understanding how the library functions. Their group project will be on Diversity, etc. In general, programs for people of different ages, interests, needs will be pursued, with the goal of enticing people back into the library.

National Library Week/ Staff Appreciation: Held on June 9, 2021. Well received by staff.

Newsletter: Next issue in draft form.

Personnel: WSPL Full Staff List made available. Previous question re: requiring staff to wear name tags - cannot be enforced without union negotiation.

Plaques: Flagpole plaque: no progress

Policy: Policy for booking library rooms needs to change. To be discussed at July meeting.

Re-opening plan: On July 1, 2021, library will resume summer hours of 9am to 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. After Labor Day, Saturday hours will resume.

Strategic Planning: Library Director and staff will draft questions for the survey to townspeople re: what they would like to see in the library’s future. The many ways to make the survey available were discussed. Survey to be returned in two to three weeks.

Summer Reading Programs: To date, a total of 316 people, of all ages, have signed up; more than in 2020.

Town Department Update: The Library and the Senior Center are open for cooling stations

Trustee Job Description: Accepted as written.

Board of Trustees: The sub-committee for Trustee recruitment will meet June 30, 2021.

Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: The organization has sent gift vouchers to libraries who requested them. New president will be elected in October.

Friends of the Library: Have donated $2,000 for lawn sprinkler system. Friends president will call Library Director re: continuing an ad in the Majestic Theater Programs.

New Business:

Landscaping: Per state law, the Library Board of Trustees oversees the library property. Many landscaping issues have become apparent. For example, trees on library property have not been trimmed, weeding and mulching have been done improperly, or not at all, and the lawn has repeatedly died. The library director, mayor, head of Maintenance, president of the Gardening Club and the Trustees need to meet to determine the needs, funding, priorities, etc. Grants may be available.

Red Thread Network for the Arts: The Yuletree Jubilee will be held this year in the library. Preliminary plans include where the trees will be displayed, for how many days and hours, will food/beverages be allowed (when and where), and staffing needs. On-going.

Next Meeting: July 27, 2021

Adjourned: 4:48pm

Respectfully submitted, Karen Simpson, substitute Secretary


Meeting Date: May 25, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

Called to Order: 3:08 pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathleen Andrew, Carol Hegeman, Karen Simpson, Ann Marie Laduzenski.

Absent: Anne Dempsey

Minutes: Change last month’s minutes to reflect Trustee position is a three year commitment. Motion to accept made by Carol Hegeman and seconded by Kathleen Andrew.

Old Business:

Annual Giving: No report

Appropriation: CWMARS invoice of $240 for Easy Proxity is charged annually. MEG/LIG. Carol Hegeman made motion to make payment, seconded by Ann Marie Laduzenski and passed unanimously.

ARIS Report: Workshop to be attended by Antonia Golinski-Foisy amd Dimarys Seymour on June 22, 2021. Going forward need to meet all standards and spending expenditures.

New Business:

Art Wall: Russian and Ukrainian children have offered to place their artwork in library. This will occur after cancelled artists have been rescheduled.

Budget: Subcommittee met May 24, 2021, FY22 will be close to last year’s budget. Library will give back $100,000 to WS due to inability to spend due to hiring freeze. Also, shift differential and on-call monies were not used. All publication monies and secondary sources were spent.

Copiers/Fax: Swipe cards have been added. Update printing cost. $.20 for black and $.40 color. Setup for public g-mail. Will check with Town officials to see if faxing will remain free.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: No change until specialist is hired.

Digitalization: Investigating companies to handle project. Grant will be written by mid-July.

Donations: $100 from West Springfield Democratic Committee.

DVD Dispenser: Waiting for technician.

ESOL Classes: Michelle Morgan submitted resignation. Venture Books have been ordered. Possible in-person classes by Fall. Will advertise for teacher in August. One individual has expressed interest in teaching position.

Fines: At this time, collecting no fines. Decision by July 1, 2021 as to whether to return to fining for late books. Automatic renewal was instituted July, 2019.

Marketing: Young Adults and Adult departments send weekly updates to Mayor. Press release, outdoor signage, service desks, newsletter, Facebook, will inform public as to updates in re-opening services and times.

National Library Week/ Staff Appreciation: Week of June 7.

Newsletter: Third edition will be available this week. Summer reading for everyone.

Personnel: 100 applications have been received for open positions. In-house promotions have occurred.

Plaques: Still waiting for Flagpole wrap around plaque cost.

Policy: Process to recruit new Library Trustee.

Re-opening plan: June 1, 2021 will reopen Monday-Friday, 9-5, no appointments. Encouraging social distancing and mask wearing. Some chairs will be offered. July 1, additional computers and seating. Curbside continues if public asks. Council on Aging will no longer deliver.

Strategic Planning: Survey development will occur this summer.

Town Department Update: Open as of June 1, 2021, but public needs to make appointment for departments at help desk.

Trustee Job Description: Elizabeth Toms Matthews will incorporate Kathleen Andrew’s “change from chain of command to collaboration“, idea and forward changes to members.

Board of Trustees: Anne Dempsey’s long and distinguished tenure as a Library Trustee will end September 2021. Discussed ways to encourage public to volunteer as a Trustee.

Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: Passes and prizes for Summer Reading program have been received.

Friends of the Library: They have approved money for Staff Appreciation. Interested in continuing organizing book donations in the workroom. Book sale will not take place this summer.

Miscellaneous: Mayor has stated that no virtual meetings can take place after June 15, 2021.

Next Meeting: June 22, 2021, 3-5pm at WSPL. We will meet in the Rotary Conference Room.

Adjourned: 4:44pm.

Respectfully submitted by Ann Marie Laduzenski


Meeting Date: April 27, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

Called to Order: 3pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathleen Andrew, Anne Dempsey, Karen Simpson, Carol Hegeman, Ann Marie Laduzenski

Absent: 0

Minutes: Minutes from March 23,2021 reviewed and changed.
*Carol Hegeman and Karen Simpson joined the meeting a few minutes late.
*List of specific recording equipment that was purchased for in-house programming and marketing was sent to Trustees soon after last month’s meeting.
*State aid received is $27,670.69.
*Trustee is a two-year commitment.
Motion to accept minutes made by Anne Dempsey and seconded by Carol Hegeman. Approved unanimously

Old Business: Nothing to report.

New Business:

Annual Giving: No update.

Appropriation: Nothing to report.

ARIS Report: This State program forwarded the second payment of $27,725.77 for FY2021.Total is appropriation is $55,396.46.

Art Wall: West Springfield High School students work will be showcased in December 2021.

Budget: Library Director met with Mayor and Sharon Wilcox to discuss three budget scenarios.
Next step Library director will meet with Budget Sub Committee on May 24, 2021 for FY2022.

Copiers/Fax: Still troubleshooting.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: Waiting for Town Attorney to approve our statement.

Digitalization: Community Preservation Grant will be completed this Summer.

Donations: Donation of $50 in memory of Judge Peck.

DVD Dispenser: Waiting for technician.

ESOL Classes: Need replacement teacher. Possibility of a West Springfield Special Educator taking the position.

Fines: No fines being collected. Contacting by letter, 700 patrons with overdue material going back to 2012 to encourage them to come back to their library. Most items are outdated or have been replaced.

Marketing: Library director gives weekly updates to Mayor.
To celebrate National Mental Health Week, a Story Walk will be held May 10-14 from 9:30 – 4:30. This is a new event for WSPL. It is targeted for families with elementary and middle school children. Pages of the book, A Different Kind of Hurt: Isaac’s Story will be placed on stands that wind around the library sidewalk.

National Library Week/ Staff Appreciation: Will revisit in June. Possible gift certificates to Celery Stalk, Cerrato Bakery. Joint venture with Friends of the Library. Wendy Hutchins and Kathy Andrew are coordinators.

Newsletter: Fourth edition will be published on June 1, 2021 and focus on Summer Reading Programs.

Personnel: Still short staffed.

Plaques: Flagpole plaque can’t be installed. A flagpole wrap plaque needs to be ordered when appropriate one can be located.

Policy: None to report.

Re-opening plan: Following WS Health Department guidelines. Must take patron’s information for contract tracing.

Strategic Planning: Two zoom SOAR meetings will take place tomorrow, April 28, 2021. One with trustees and library personnel and a second with 11 members of the community. Michelle Eberle will compile data and it will be discussed in the future.

Town Department Update: Budget subcommittee in May.

Trustee Job Description: Moved to May meeting.

Board of Trustees: Chairperson is Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Vice Chairperson is Kathleen Andrew, and Secretary is Ann Marie Laduzenski. Carol Hegeman made motion to accept this slate of officers and Anne Dempsey seconded. The Chairperson will send this information to the Mayor and Rachel Gelina.

Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: One hundred people attended virtual MLA Legislative Day which had the highest number ever of elected officials representing Western Massachusetts.

Friends of the Library: Working on landscaping and sprinklers.

Miscellaneous: Staff and union agreed to 1 year contract with 2% wage increase. Pages increase to $14.25 in January 2022.
Janet Eckert contacted Director about needed updates to website, which include hours, directions, department head names.
Community Bulletin Board use has been suspended so people do not linger to read.

Next Meeting: May 25, 2021

Adjourned: 4:48pm

Respectfully submitted, Ann Marie Laduzenski, Secretary


Meeting Date: March 23, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

State required Zoom Meeting announcement was read by Trustee Chair, Elizabeth Toms Matthews

Called to order: 3:06pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathy Andrew, Anne Dempsey, Karen Simpson, Carol Hegeman, Ann Marie Laduzenski

Absent: 0

Minutes: Minutes from February 23, 2021 reviewed. Motion to accept minutes made by Ann Marie Laduzenski, seconded by Kathy Andrew. Approved unanimously.

Old Business:

Annual Giving: No update.

Appropriation: Per February 23, 2021 minutes, Library Director explained need for library to have its own recording equipment for use in the Children’s Department, in-house programming, and marketing. See attached for specific equipment. Motion made by Anne Dempsey, seconded by Karen Simpson, to appropriate $2544.90 from the Annual Fund to purchase the above equipment. Approved unanimously.

ARIS Report: Library request for waiver accepted; state aid awarded without penalty. Library account has received $27.670.69 (one half of amount due). Final payment will be received at the end of FY2021.

New Business:

Art Wall: The West Springfield High School Art Department has requested to use the Art Wall in December 2021.

Budget: For FY 2022 - Town Department heads will meet with the mayor and the town CFO soon. Library Director will then know what level of funding will be followed in drafting the budget.

Copiers/Fax: Issue with copier today. A call has been placed to town IT department for assistance. Fax machine is working. Issues discussed re: charging a fee in the future, particularly regarding multiple pages faxed, and possibility of international use. To be referred to the appropriate town department.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: Statement passed by the town council. In the future, it may become the town wide policy. To be discussed at the next meeting.

Digitalization: Anne Dempsey reported she has explained to Tom Coburn (owner/editor of the West Springfield Record) that a grant for funding will be written this summer. If it is granted, work on digitizing the Record would begin in 2022. To be discussed at the next meeting.

Donations: Donations in memory of Judge Peck to be used for the library intern program. Have received $1220 to date.

DVD Dispenser: One machine has been repeatedly out of service. Company to be contacted re: machine replacement.

ESOL Classes: Current director of the program will leave at the end of May. Two possible replacements have been suggested. As usual, there will be no classes in June, July and August. Classes will resume in September

Fines: Survey of area libraries shows 51% are not charging fines. Policy to be reassessed in September, 2021.

Marketing: Librarian in the Youth Room is active in several town forums where program information and suggestions are exchanged, some of which are possible for summer programs. Possibly, social media may be tried for reading and early learning.

National Library Week/Staff Appreciation: Will be April 4-10 2021. Discussion held about surveying staff regarding postponing celebration until the summer, what gifts to offer (plants, gift certificates, food), and how much money Trustees will provide.

Newsletter: Third issue will be concentrating on summer reading programs. For future articles, discussed possible use of the parking lot for outdoor programs.

Personnel: Hiring freeze continues. Town procedure for department head evaluations has been changed from a written format yearly to a quarterly meeting with the mayor and Human Resources department head.

Plaques: Continuing to be installed, both inside and outside. Several remaining (for lack of installation materials.)

Policy: None other than DEI in progress. See Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.

Re-opening plan: To move to Phase 4 (a) plan, library is considering following options to remain in compliance: sensors in rooms to monitor number of people in each room, increase capacity per room, rather than open more hours, increase availability of PPE, cleaning supplies.
West Springfield is still in yellow pandemic category. Inquiry sent to CWMARS re: changing number of days to quarantine returned materials to 3 days. If town is considered in green category, could the quarantine period change to 1 day.

Request from Patron to purchase Book title/DVD: Title researched by Library Director. No other local libraries have it. Patron could/should purchase for self-use.

Strategic Planning: Library Director and Assistant Director will be attending the MLA Legislative Day Zoom meeting April 6, 2021, 10-11 am . Director will send Trustees the link.

Terrier Statue: Painting has been completed. The base will be installed when weather permits.

Town Departments Update: Individuals who have been fully vaccinated (for COVID19) for more than two weeks, will be able to enter the Town Hall freely.

Trustee Job Description: Suggested changes: add position is a two-year commitment and Trustees are appointed by the mayor and approved by the Town Council. To be discussed at next meeting.

Board of Trustees - positions for next year: Chairperson – Elizabeth Toms Matthews has offered to serve another term. Vice Chair - to be discussed at the next meeting, Secretary - Anne Marie Laduzenski has offered to serve as secretary. Above to be voted on at the next meeting. Anne Dempsey will be resigning in September, 2021.

Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: Legislative Breakfast was held March 12th 9 -10 am in conjunction with Berkshire Libraries. All western Mass libraries and elected legislators were invited to attend and speak at the Breakfast. Library Director was hostess for the event.

Friends: President of the Friends of the Trustees is planning to arrange a Zoom meeting with other local Friends groups to discuss recruiting, publicity and programs.
She will send a letter to the West Springfield Record addressing the same issues, plus reiterate the past actions the Friends have taken to benefit the town.

Miscellaneous: Danny Eaton (Director of the Theater Project) has donated hardcover copies of eight of his plays to the library.
A suggestion was made to translate some of the library flyers into other languages.

Next meeting scheduled for April 26, 2021

Meeting adjourned at 4:46 pm

Respectfully submitted, Karen Simpson, Secretary


  Meeting Date: February 23, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

State required Zoom Meeting announcement was read by Trustee Chair, Elizabeth Toms Matthews

Called to order: 3:09 pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathy Andrew, Anne Dempsey, Ann Marie Laduzenski present at roll call. Karen Simpson and Carol Hegeman joined later.

Absent: 0

Minutes: Minutes from January 26, 2021 reviewed and approved unanimously by the four trustees at the meeting at the time.

Old Business:

Appropriation of funds:
For future action: Toni explained that the library needs its own recording equipment to use for videos that are used for story times, in-house library programming and marketing efforts. The cost would be approximately $3,400 based on prior estimates provided by Christopher Franks.
We postponed vote for this item to the March meeting when we will have a range of possible costs.

Annual Giving: On hold until early 2022. As discussed at previous meetings, Toni and staff are planning on developing a newsletter format in place of the letter used in past years. A mock-up will be provided when completed.

ARIS Report: Toni- We do not have to meet the usual hours requirement or expenditures for materials, but money already allocated must be spent. We do have some funds left because of staff resignation and retirement. Waivers are available to libraries and will be announced in March.

New Business:

Art Wall: Because of COVID-19 limitations, there is no new information on this topic.

Budget: Toni reported that she and Eileen are working on the budget to be submitted to the Mayor. The budget submitted will have three different scenarios plus additional scenarios specific to the library. Sharon Wilcox has given Toni permission to add this additional information.

Copiers/Fax: Eileen reported that there are some additional parts needed for scanning.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: The statement we as Trustees developed has been forwarded to Kate O’Brien, town attorney. She will approve it and report back to us.

Digitalization: Toni reviewed the status of our project to digitize the West Springfield Record. In late June into August, Toni will be writing a grant for the costs of the process to submit to the Community Preservation Committee. She will also be getting some price estimates for the process. Carol Hegeman has lists of the copies of the Record that are in our Local History Room. Anne Dempsey will communicate with Tom Coburn of the Record about this ongoing process and what information he will need for the grant writing. The digitization process could begin in early 2022.

Donations: Donations in memory of Judge Peck will continue to be used for the library intern program. Have received $1220 to date.

DVD Dispensers: Toni reported on the on-going issue with one of the dispensers. The dispensers are often in need of repairs and only one is now being used. Eileen is waiting to hear back from TechLogic as to the status of the dispenser that never works.

ESOL Classes: There were no classes held last week. The first week of March will begin classes again; virtual. The numbers are lower than in-person learning but it does allow for more 1:1 work with the students. Classes are down to 8 students, compared to a typical 24 students.
Fines: Fine-free status continues. In Massachusetts, state-wide, about 50% of public libraries do not charge fines. It is also common across the country. Eileen will be forwarding articles of the topic to trustees via email.

Marketing: Toni described Flipgrid, a new video process allowing vignettes of people speaking individually during virtual meetings. This process will be used on March 12 for the Western MA Library Advocacy Legislative Breakfast. Trustees will be able to view by Zoom.

Newsletter: Toni reported that the new newsletter will be coming out this week.

Personnel on call: Terri Mitus has retired. We now have two openings on staff. When the budget is done, Toni will work to justify to the Mayor that in spite of the hiring freeze, these positions need to be filled. The Mayor’s position on the issue is that because the library is not fully open, fewer people use it, so full staffing in not needed.

Plaques: The two large plaques to be placed in the foyer, as well as the outdoor plaques for the benches, flagpole and the book drop, had none of the hardware needed to mount them provided.

Policy: No new policies are in development at this time. The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion document and the Trustees’ Job Description are what the Board has been working on in recent months.

Request for DVDs: Toni reported that a patron has requested DVDs on ultra-right topics, such as anti-science points of view concerning global warming. Normally requests to purchase are reviewed and then a decision is made to purchase or not. Eileen is investigating other libraries to see who carries the item. Initial review resulted in very few public libraries carried it and just a few out of state academic ones. Eileen will update.

Re-opening plan: We will be reviewing the current information for a move to Phase 4. It will be difficult to move to a 40% occupancy while down 2 critical staff positions. If we had the two positions filled, we could possibly open evenings and/or Saturdays. We might be able to speak directly to the Mayor, CFO and HR director on this topic via a Zoom meeting in the future

Strategic Planning: Toni and Eileen will be attending a webinar on February 25 where best practices for strategic planning will be shared, as well as, outlining how to successfully navigate the planning process during the pandemic.

Terrier Statue: The painting of the statue is almost done. Our cost for the project is $56.

Town Departments Update: No current updates. The town has been offering COVID-19 testing on the high school grounds.

Trustee Job Description: A vote on the final draft has been postponed until our March meeting. Betty Matthews has sent the final draft to Trustees on February 23.

Reorganization of the Board: The Board typically reorganizes positions of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary in March/April of each year. Some details were discussed and it was decided that we would continue to consider the positions of Chair and Vice Chair at the March meeting.
The position of secretary has typically been assigned to the newest Board member; Ann Marie Laduzenski generously volunteered to take on this responsibility.
Final vote for the positions will take place at our April meeting.

Friends: Nothing to report.


Ann Marie Laduzenski asked for a list of employees and their job responsibilities. Toni will email her the information.

Kathy Andrew spoke of the need to address the issue of new trustee searches with an emphasis on considering diversity as essential. She also recommends the timing of the Board meeting could be more flexible in order to attract prospective candidates who might have work schedules that would conflict with our current 3pm call to order and possibly the previous 5pm starting time.

Next meeting scheduled for March. 23, 2021 at 3pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:47pm

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Dempsey, Vice Chair, for Karen Simpson, Secretary


Meeting Date: January 26, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

State required Zoom Meeting announcement was read by Trustee Chair, Elizabeth Toms Matthews

Called to order: 3:07pm

Present: Antonia Golinski-Foisy, Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Toms Matthews, Kathy Andrew, Anne Dempsey, Karen Simpson, Carol Hegeman, Ann Marie Laduzenski

Absent: 0

Minutes: Minutes from December 15, 2020 reviewed. Corrections needed: page 2, “DEI Statement” line 3, correct spelling of “Andrews” to Andrew”. Motion to accept minutes with above change made by Carol Hegeman, seconded by Karen Simpson. Approved unanimously.

Old Business:

Allocation of funds: Library director requested funding for a new fax machine ($290.99). Motion made by Anne Dempsey, seconded by Carol Hegeman, to appropriate funds requested from MEG-LIG account. Passed unanimously. Library Director requested funding for three months of American Sign Language Introductory courses ($1281.00), and funding for adult computer games ($500.00), total amount of $1781.00. Motion made by Anne Dempsey, seconded by Carol Hegeman, to appropriate funds requested from Annual Giving fund. Passed unanimously.
Total funds requested and approved - $2071.99.

Annual Giving: On hold until early 2022. Plan to include in letter to donors with information on how their money has been spent, what expenditures are planned for this year, procedures changed made in the past, and may still be made, during Covid-19 pandemic

ARIS Report: MBLC is aware that many libraries cannot meet some requirements (due to Covid-19), and is making accommodations.

New Business:

Art Wall: Going month by month, per COVID-19 requirements, if new display can be put up.
Artists are scheduling for 2022

Budget: Necessary workbooks not yet received. Budget for FY 2022 is normally due around Feb. 14th.

Collaborations: Library Director has had meetings with Park and Recreation director, school officials, and will meet with the Assistant Superintendent of schools re: providing books to school children, summer programs (including reading programs), and CAFE (Raising a Reader-last session kids get to keep the books).

Copiers/Fax: Employees will be provided swipe cards to facilitate use of machines. The Fax machine and copier will have separate lines to eliminate wait times for use. In July, 2021, library will have new email addresses. There will be IT changes.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement: Re-written statement read and approved. It will be sent to the town attorney for final approval, will be discussed at the next meeting.

Digitalization: Continuing to seek funding for the process.

Donations: Donations in memory of Judge Peck to be used for the library intern program. Have received $1200 to date. Suggestion made that use of funds could be a project for the high school interns.

ESOL Classes: Director of program is continuing with virtual classes. Library Director has written a $10,000 grant request for ESOL funding, and a letter requesting funding has been sent to the Friends of the West Springfield Library.

Fines: Patrons appreciative that no fines are being charged. Policy to be reassessed in September, 2021.

Marketing: Library Director continues to receive weekly reports from department heads, and forwards them to the mayor. The first issue of the newsletter has been published. The supervisor responsible for publicity has resigned; other staff are filling in. Goal is to increase mailing list.

Newsletter: Library Director to meet with newsletter personnel this week. Plan to discuss additional features - pandemic information, add pictures, what programs are available at local libraries, more virtual programs, and other suggestions.

Personnel on call: Hiring freeze continues. Director of Children’s Services is retiring in February, 2021. One part-time employee is able to work a few more hours. Almost 100 budgeted library hours are unfilled.

Plaques: Central maintenance is aware that 5 plaques remain to be installed, all memorial bricks have been installed.

Policy: None other than DEI in progress. See Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.

Re-opening plan: Continue in Phase 3, step 1.

Strategic Planning: A MBLC representative will be giving training presentations to library personnel and Trustees re: gaining input from town employees, town officials (department heads) and residents, with the goal of learning what the townspeople would like the plan to cover (this will probably be virtual). The Library Director and Assistant Director are drafting a survey to be sent to the public, after approval by committee. This committee will be virtual, limited to 12 members, and to include relevant department heads, a library representative, and as much as possible, a cross section of town residents (age, gender, ethnicity, residential area , etc.)

Terrier Statue: Artists are starting painting. The display platform to be installed when weather permits.

Town Departments Update: Vaccinations - most of essential workers have received. Petitions have been sent by state libraries, and MBLC, requesting status of library personnel to be changed to essential/front line personnel.

Trustee Job Description: A draft has been made available to Trustees for review. To be discussed at the next meeting.

Western Massachusetts Library Advocates: Letter sent to local representatives and senators thanking them for budget support for libraries. Plans to be made in February re: what to do in lieu of legislative breakfasts.

Friends: Have been holding virtual meetings. Membership drive on hold until spring of 2021.

Next meeting scheduled: Feb. 23,2021 at 3pm

Meeting adjourned: at 4:58pm

Respectfully submitted, Karen Simpson, Secretary